As a familiy owned company, our policy is to provide our customer
with a reliable product for long term operation. We design, produce,
and test our products to warranty 30 years of operation. We are
proud of our design and our quality. As engeneers in the past, we are
proud to attend first testing of our installed valves; even in applications
such as -200° C, +1200° C, or pure high pressure oxygen.

  • - Best and newest design methods
  • - High safety factor included in the design
  • - Highest manufacturing and machining standards

we invented the 4 Offset butterfly valve

we invented the 5 offset butterfly valve

we invented the zero leakage cryogenic butterfly valve

we invented the ORCA® flow control

we invented the inconel o-ring seal in the butterfly valve

we take care of our clients needs since 35 years:

  • - Opening Time 200 Milliseconds
  • - 1800°C
  • - Temperature rise 800°C in few milliseconds
  • - 10 milion operations
  • - 700°C Pure oxygene

And supply solutions