The V-AXX® valve has the highest Kv / Cv values in the market of metal seated butterfly valves.
Not only the valve can be sized smaller than those of the competition making the valve cheaper.
The actuator can be sized smaller, lowering the costs again.
The piping can be sized smaller lowering the costs again.
The entire construction, supporting the piping can be sized smaller and cheaper.
Such a detail like the Kv / Cv value may have a huge influence on th eentire cost of the investment.
Even with valve replacement Your pumping costs get smaller since the pressure drop is so much

DN 50 80 100 125 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 600
Kv Max 39 125 273 443 693 1532 2598 3633 5427 7760 10585 12845 20408
Cv Max 45 145 316 512 801 1771 3003 4547 6274 8971 12237 14850 23593

Values for full rated ANSI 300 / PN 40 bidirectionally tight valve


The new ORCA® trim provides huge advantages against other solutions. Plates mounted on both sides of the disc allow the pressure to drop in several stages and prevent supersonic speed in gases and prevent the cavitation in liquids. One or more sets of plates can be mounted in accordance with the customer needs, allowing an excellent flow control when the valve is partially open.

Since the plates are mounted parallel to the disc and moved together with the disc, they do not interfere with the flow when the valve is fully open. This ensures the maximum Kv / Cv value remains as this of a standard valve.

  • Better flow control
  • No cavitation
  • No supersonic speed
  • Lower noise level.